Retain Donors, Raise More Money

October 18, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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Danville Area Community College, Bremer Conference Center, Room 142
Danville Area Community College, 2000 E Main St, Danville
Danville, IL

Rescigno's, a partner in fundraising for non-profits, shares ideas every fundraiser should know and use.

Based on the premise that fundraising practices were formulated when donors were less demanding, the competition for a donor’s loyalty was much less competitive, and fundraisers knew that there was an unending supply of people willing to support their cause, the importance of retaining donors has now reached a critical stage.

Today, however, there is a new kind of donor. This new donor asks more questions, is more difficult to reach, and much more quick to switch allegiances. When you couple the above with the fact that there are many more nonprofits vying for your donors’ hearts and dollars, this issue is of utmost importance.

The presentation will help participants with the following:
* *An understanding of the seriousness of donor attrition
* An appreciation for what it takes to raise much more money and retain donors longer (lifetime value)
* A thorough description of what donors need every time they give
* An understanding of how Leaders and Directors can positively impact fundraising revenue and the building of donor relationships
* An explanation of what it takes to get a new donor to give the all-important 2nd gift

This will be held at Danville Area Community College in the Bremer Conference Center.

Lunch includes Italian beef, salad, another side and an assortment of desserts.


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